And here is the account of the last Jubilee XXV edition of the festival, which took place in January 2020.


    In this section we present the full history of this already more than twenty-year-old event, starting with its first edition in 1996.


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Welcome to the website
International Festival of East Slavic Carols.
Here you can learn about the rich history of this over 20-year-old music event. We publish film reports, reports from performances of individual chiors, photo galleries. In addition, you can find here a lot of information and tools useful for participants of this international festival.

About the Terespol festival

The festival is an appreciation of the culture, which is so peculiar to each of us with no difference. We present both the Catholic and Orthodox tradition, because the incarnation of Christ our Lord on earth is the common denominator for every Christian. Especially valuable is the fact that choirs and musical groups come to Terespol from all over Poland and from abroad, and a large audience gathers not only from Terespol, but also from Biała Podlaska, Lublin, from the whole region and from all over Poland.

HE Archbishop AbelPrimate of the Lublin - Chelm Orthodox Diocese

The idea of the festival from the very beginning is to glorify the Newborn Saviour, since the period of the Nativity of Christ, New Year, Baptism is a time of joy, love and peace. Here, at the borders of our homeland, the borders of the European Union, at the meeting point of denominations, cultures, nationalities and languages, the idea was born to save Christmas carols and Christmas songs that have been praised by the Newborn Saviour for centuries in this particularly joyful period.

Prot. Yaroslav LosRector of the Orthodox parish of St. Apostle John the Evangelist in Terespol

We are very happy to host about 700 people daily at the festival. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that our festival is of interest. As organizers, we try to make new choirs and musical groups appear every year that the audience has not seen yet. And it seems to me that the audience repays us in such a way that they participate in our event in such large numbers. The audience comes to us from the farthest corners of Poland. For us, the organizers, are a huge reward and satisfaction.

Anna Kwiatkowska-PietrusikFestival director

The festival, which began in 1996 as the Review of the Carol Choirs, later changing its name and formula, after a long time, waited for its 20th anniversary. This is already quite a ripe festival. Naturally, collectives succeeded each other, but his heart did not change. This event constantly presents the Eastern Christmas traditions. Not only Orthodox, but also Catholics and atheists gather in Terespol, which makes us very happy. During the festival we want to show all kinds of Eastern carolling.

Andrzej BoublejArt director

I am fascinated by the festival, because after 30 years away from Terespol I have the pleasure to participate in it, the more that I am with my dad, a senior of our family. Antek recalls when he was running, singing, caroling as a child, participated in various games related to New Year’s traditions and the celebration of the Adoration of the Magi. And now he can listen to these beautiful Christmas carols himself. This is a great idea that connects us with our ancestors, to preserve our tradition and, above all, to pass on the most important values to our next generations.

Maria Trociuk with her fatherfan of the festival from Terespol

The Terespol Festival, and especially the concert in Lublin, which unfortunately has not been taking place for several years, is for me a way out of everyday life to another world, where you can feel the joy of shepherds when they heard the joyful news from angels singing – Glory to God, and to the world, to the goodness of men The mood created by the caroling choirs leads to the fact that daily worries do not seem so important, and the listener is filled with calmness, inner peace and repose.

Joanna Wyspiańskafan of the festival from Lublin

Concerts of the Jubilee XXV edition

Saturday – 25 January 2020

Sunday – 26 January 2020

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XXV International Festival of East Slavic Carols - honorary patronage

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XXV International Festival of East Slavic Carols - media patronage

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