The 25th International Festival of East Slavic Carols has been funded with

  • Minister of Culture and National Heritage
  • The Marshal’s Office of the Lublin Province as part of the promotion of the tourist values of the Lublin Region
  • PGNiG S.A. foundation of Ignacy Lukasiewicz
  • KGHM Poland Copper Foundation
  • ORLEN DAR SERCA Foundation
  • BANK PKO Bank Polski – Festival Partner
  • Foundation “Dialogue of Nations”

Institutions that financially supported the Festival

  • Pronar Ltd from Narwi
  • Municipality office in Terespol
  • Cooperative Bank in Międzyrzec Podlaski
  • Tuczna Municipal Office
  • Road and Bridge Company “MAKSBUD” Ltd from Bielsk Podlaski
  • District Office in Biala Podlaska
  • Terespol City Hall
  • Councillors of Terespol City Council
  • Koden Municipal Office
  • PHU AGROSTOP Kobylany
  • Agneszka Drab BARD Kobylany
  • Audit Office Waldemar Czarnecki Terespol
  • PHU INSAT Biala Podlaska
  • PPHU TRANSBET Marian Wojtiuk Biala Podlaska
  • PGKIM Terespol
  • Henry Stec FHU COMPENSA Terespol
  • Teresa Harko Projects and Road Supervisions Biala Podlaska
  • PETRODOM Fuel Biala Podlaska
  • Barbara and Ryszard Osypiuk Terespol
  • PAPIRUS Terespol Store
  • PHU Rebutr II Wladysław Grzelak Terespol
  • Wycenix Kazimierz Jarocki Biala Podlaska
  • Wojciech Mitura Councillor of Bialski District
  • Radoslaw Sebastianiuk Councillor of Bialski District

Sponsors of the property

  • Public Schools Team No. 1 in Terespol
  • The Team of Schools im. Wladyslaw Reymont in Malaszewicze
  • GS SCH in Terespol
  • Zenon Jedrysek Biala Podlaska


Funded from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, allocated by the Cultural Development Fund from co-payments set for games that are subject to a state monopoly, Article 80 p. 1 of the Gambling Act of November 19, 2009, as part of “The Music” project, implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance.

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Honorary patronage

XXV International Festival of East Slavic Carols - honorary patronage

Media patronage

XXV International Festival of East Slavic Carols - media patronage

Festival partner

PKO BANK POLSKI - main sponsor